Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 11 – June 17 ~ Feet are toys too?!?

I know it is hard to believe, but I think you are getting cuter and cuter each week. This week you discovered your feet. You were on your blanket, playing on the ground when it happened. You lifted your little feet into the air and reached up towards them. When you finally grabbed them you seemed very pleased with yourself. You held them and looked at them for a few moments and then you rolled over and smiled.

On Thursday, we went to another play date. It was with the same group of women and babies that we met up with last month. There were some new faces too. We had such a good time, eating, comparing stories, and laughing. It wasn’t until we met with everyone that I realized what a little girl you were. When we went out, I always got comments on how you looked like a little porcelain doll, but I never paid too much attention... No matter, I still had the sweetest, most beautiful baby there. (Left to right: Stella 1/17/07, Autumn 2/10/07, Elizabeth 1/31/07, Logan 1/4/07, Mikayla 1/23/07, Ethan 1/2/07)

Sunday was Father’s Day. We had a fun, relaxing day. We went to church, then came home and relaxed for a little while. Grampa Bob and Gramma Kathy came into town and we visited with them for a little while. Then, we went to Grandpa Chris and Grandma Ramona’s house for dinner. We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 4 – June 10 ~ Four Months Already?

This was an eventful week. On Monday you went to your four month well baby check up. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. It seems only yesterday your dad and I were anxiously awaiting your arrival. Dr. Gentile looked you over and said you looked like happy and healthy. You weighed 12 pounds, 9 ounces. You were in the 25 percentile for weight and the 75 percentile for height…long, lean, and perfect. You also had your four month shots. It was a little traumatic…more so for me than you. It was hard for me to see you upset. You did feel better the moment I picked you up.

The pediatrician said that you could start solids now that you were four months old. This was very exciting! We started with 2 teaspoons of rice cereal. Your dad and I sat you in your bouncy chair and started feeding you. At first you weren’t too sure about letting me put the spoon in your mouth, but you quickly got the hang of it. You even smiled a few times. I thought it was going to be harder, but you seemed to love it.

On Friday, we picked your dad up from work and went to your Uncle Greg and Aunt Kelsey’s house. We were carpooling to Page. We had a fun weekend. On Saturday, you met your Great Uncle Jim. Great Aunt Sandy was there too. Uncle Jim had wanted to meet you since the day you were born. He even joked that he didn’t think he was going to meet you until you were graduated from college. Needless to say he thought you were just the sweetest little girl. You weren’t too sure about him at first, but after a few minutes you relaxed and let him hold you. We visited him at the family store a little later and you tried on a pink cowgirl hat. You were such a cutie!

Later that day we went to your dad’s home church for the open house. You see, his church finally had a b uilding to meet in and this was its dedication weekend. Sunday morning we went to church and then went back to Grampa Bob and Gramma Kathy’s home. We took a few pictures and then we were on our way home. We stopped in Flagstaff for dinner.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

May 29 – June 3 ~ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Hawaiian Fish…?

Monday, May 29, was Memorial Day. Our friends, Brian and Cyndi, invited us to their house for swimming and a barbeque. It was such a good day for swimming and eating with friends. Your Grandpa Williams bought you a little swimsuit while he was on vacation in Hawaii. It was blue and had a grass skirt and lei sewn onto it. You were quite the sight. When we first got into the pool, you didn’t seem to be so sure about it. However, you didn’t cry or fuss. I am sure it felt good to cool off…I know it felt good to me. You even went underwater! You really didn’t like it the first time, but after you had done it a few times you were fine. You never even coughed! That means you were holding your breath…what a natural!

The weather had been getting very hot and so on Sunday, your dad and I made a spontaneous decision to go to the mountains. We just wanted to get out of the heat. We decided to go to Mount Lemmon just outside Tucson. It was perfect…it wasn’t too far to drive to and we could have lunch with our friend Kira. We had so much fun! The scenery was beautiful and the temperature was just perfect…a cool 68 degrees. We walked around for a little bit. Later that evening, we met our friends, Jim and Sarah, for dinner and games. It was a perfect day.

Friday, June 1, 2007

May 21 – May 28 ~ From Back to Belly

There was a lot of coming and going this week. Your dad went out of town on Wednesday evening to go fishing with his grandparents, Nana and Popie. You were still too little to take on a boat, so we stayed behind. I never liked being home alone, so while your dad was away, we stayed at Grandma Ramona’s house. Late Thursday night, your Rivas relatives came into town. It was a lot fun with all of us there. We saw Great Grandma Mary on Friday. It was her 85th birthday. She was happy to see all of us.

On Saturday we visited our friend Rachel from our church group. She just had her baby girl, Josie. She was so cute! Josie was just four days old. I couldn’t believe how small she was...and I couldn’t believe you were ever that small. At birth, Josie weighed 1 ounce more than you and was 1 inch shorter. It was so sweet seeing you both next to each other. The age difference between the two of you is about the same as that between you and Ramona.

Later on Saturday, we picked Great Grandma and Grandpa Williams up from the airport. They were so excited to see you…and me too. We went back to our home and rested for a little bit. Then Juan, Linda, and Ramona came over. It was fun to watch how you and Ramona interacted. Now that you were rolling over you wanted to see what was going on, to be part of the action. Wait a minute, did I say rolling over? Of course! I have to mention that you seemed quite determined to roll from your back to your belly. You had been very close, but hadn’t done it just yet. Then, on the floor in front of everyone you finally did it! We were so excited! You seemed so proud.

After we visited for awhile, everyone went to dinner at Joe’s Farm Grill. It was so good. We ate outside on the picnic tables under the citrus trees. It was such a nice evening…one of the last of the season.