Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 16 – April 22 ~ California Days

On Monday morning your Great Aunt Sue drove us from your Great Grandparent’s house in Idyllwild to her home in Pasadena. I could not believe it but you slept the whole way!

Around lunch time Linda and Ramona came and picked us up in Pasadena. We spent a little time talking before heading out on the town. I couldn’t believe how big Ramona had gotten. You seemed so small when we put you next to her. She was very interested in you…looking at you, grabbing you, sucking on you, and talking to you. You looked at her and smiled and cooed. It was so sweet. Once we packed the car, we went to lunch at the Corner Bakery. It was so yummy. Then we went shopping… well window shopping. It was so hard to resist the urge to buy everything I saw!

The next few days were spent visiting Linda and getting to know Ramona. We also went to Uncle Juan’s parent’s house one evening. It was nice to spend some time with them. Of course, they thought you were a cute baby!

One afternoon we met Juan for lunch in Long Beach. We went to a hole in the wall Italian restaurant and it was good! It was something one could only find in California. The d├ęcor was a little off…they had decorations from different holidays: birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July…and I think there was another but I can’t remember. You sat in Ramona’s car seat during the majority of the meal (I couldn’t believe it.) You just looked around. You seemed only to pay attention to Ramona. After lunch we were going to go to the beach, but it was too windy.

Thursday morning your Aunt and I watched one of our favorite movies…Anne of Green Gables. You and Ramona didn’t notice the movie but were just interested in each other. The last time you and Ramona were together I mentioned she looked at you like she wanted to eat you…I was wrong…now she looked like she wanted to eat you…or at least suck on your arm. Later that afternoon while Linda was tutoring, we went to visit your Great Grandma Bonnie and Great Grandpa Scott. They are your Grandpa Chris’ mom and husband. They loved finally meeting you. We had such a good time while we were there.

Late Friday morning Linda drove us to meet your Gramma Kathy and Grampa Bob. They were in town for your Great Grandpa Bob’s 75th birthday party. It was nice of them to meet us halfway so Linda didn’t have to drive as far. It was so good to see them again. They were especially excited to see you because it had been a month since they last saw you. That weekend you also met your Great Aunt Karen and Great Uncle Bob. I know what you are thinking…Grampa Bob, Great Grandpa Bob, and Great Uncle Bob!?! We had a wonderful time at the party.

Before we left for home on Sunday, we had a fabulous brunch. It was nice to have all of us together. However, we had to get on our way. On the way home, you slept for three hours! You were awake and looking around for most of the time and only cried for total of 30 minutes. It was such a nice ride home. You dad and I decided we could no longer call your car seat The Torture Chamber after this trip. We were so relieved.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 9 – April 15 ~ Baby Dedication and More Firsts

This week you had your first day care experience. Now that you were over two months old, I decided it was time that I started going to the gym. You were not aware of this, but I gained quite a bit of weight while I was pregnant and I felt that it was time to start losing the rest of that weight. So, at the gym there was a childcare facility for newborns to children up to twelve years old. The childcare providers gave us three matching wristbands: one for you, me, and the diaper bag. I was concerned about how you would like the experience, but when I came and got you after my workout, I found you asleep and content.

On Saturday, we went to your dad’s company picnic. It was a beautiful April day…not too hot, not too cold, not too windy…just perfect. We had lunch with our friends. I couldn’t believe all the babies we have. Dylan, Jackson, You, and Luke! All of you were born within the last nine months! It will be fun for all the babies to grow up together.

This was the week you had your first unofficial roll over! It was late on Saturday evening (or maybe early Sunday morning) and you were sleeping in your crib. Then, you started to cry and you dad got up to change your diaper and get you ready for a feeding. Then, through the baby monitor he asked, “Did you put Elizabeth to sleep on her back?” You were a tummy sleeper and so I thought the question was silly. I replied, “Why would I put her on her back, she only sleeps on her tumm…Oh my gosh she rolled over!” We are not sure if you needed the help of your crib to roll over or if you did it on your own. You have yet to repeat this milestone, but it was very exciting!

This Sunday was your baby dedication. Great Aunt Sue and your Great Grandparents Williams came out for this special occasion. You were in such a good mood that morning. We dressed you and put you in the car seat and drove to church. You didn’t even complain about the car seat. Once we were at church, we changed your clothes and put you in the gorgeous dedication gown your Great Grandma Eleanor made for you. You looked so cute! There was a misunderstanding in the morning’s schedule so the family missed the actual ceremony but was able to see you and the other babies as they were presented to the congregation. You were such a good girl…you hardly made a peep the whole morning at church and we were there for two services!

After church we had lunch at our house to celebrate. Our close friends came in addition to the family. Then, it was time to pack the car and head to California. This was to be your first road trip. Your dad had to stay at home. It was sad to leave him, but at least we would see him in five days. We were going to visit your Aunt Linda and Cousin Ramona. We were a little nervous about the drive seeing as you didn’t like the car seat. You did such a good job. And you showed your excitement of crossing the border into a new state by sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, Sunday night we stayed at your great grandparent’s house. We decided to stop there for the evening because there was snow on the ground and it was a foggy night. Great Grandma was concerned about where you were going to sleep. Well, she pulled a drawer out from the chest of drawers, lined it with blankets, and turned it into a snug bed. You know what, it worked and you liked it too. How do I know that you liked it? You slept for 6 hours straight!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 1 – April 8 ~ Easter

On April 1st your dad and I did something amazing…we caught one of your smiles on a picture! We were thrilled. Again, you were on your changing table and you were smiling away as usual. However, because both of us were there, we were able to capture the moment.

The next morning you were not smiling. It was time for your 2 month doctor’s appointment. First of all, we had to go on a car ride. I don’t think I have mentioned this yet, but, you did not care to be in your car seat…in fact in response to your crying, the car seat was nicknamed, “The Torture Chamber.” So, we put you in the torture chamber and drove to the doctor’s. Dr. Gentile came in and examined you. You were healthy and growing steadily. You now weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces. You had gained just over three pounds…no wonder you didn’t fit into some of your clothes! However, the next part of the visit wasn’t too fun. You received 5 shots. You cried a little, but as soon as I picked you up, you stopped crying and fell right asleep. You stayed asleep through the ride home and for an hour more once we were home. I think it was harder for me than it was for you.

You met your Great Uncle Dave this week. He lives in Oklahoma. He was in Arizona for business, but wanted to meet you. We went to dinner at a local restaurant. I must say, you behaved very well during your first restaurant experience.

This week you celebrated your first Easter. It was a fun day. We dressed you in a pretty cream dress with pink flowers on it. You looked adorable. We went to the 10:30 service. I didn’t think you were quite ready for sunrise service. You were quite content to sit in your dad’s arms for almost the entire service. After church we went to the Spears' house. Jack and Candee are close friends of ours. Then, we went back home to get ready for our friends to come over for games. You were pretty tired, and you napped in your swing for most of the afternoon.

This was a very busy week.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

March 26 – March 31 ~ 2 Months Old

I could not believe how much you had grown and changed in two months. Even more amazing was that changes were happening on a weekly basis. It seemed like each week you did something new or your personality developed even more. This week was not any different.

On the 26th you had your first no tears bath. As your mom, I wanted to do everything perfectly. I wanted to follow directions word for word. Now, on the bottom of your bathtub was a built-in temperature gauge. It would let me know if the water was cool, ideal, or hot. For your first baths I followed that temperature gauge even though the water still felt a little on the cool side. Well, on that evening, I decided that I should warm the water a little bit. The gauge said the water was hot, but it was nice and warm to the touch. I put you in the water and you didn’t make a sound. I held my breath as I got your hair wet, but there wasn’t any need; you just kept looking at me…you even gave a half smile. I was so happy that you liked your bath…but felt so horrible because I had been giving you cold baths up to this time.

You really began growing out of your clothes this week. I even started sorting through your clothes and separating the smaller sizes. You only fit into one or two newborn sized outfits. When we were getting ready to take you home from the hospital, we originally had a pretty pink sleeper picked out, but it was too large for you…it practically swallowed you. That sleeper was one of the outfits I had to pack away this week. When did you get so big?

This week you fell into a sleep pattern. It happened all at once. One evening you fell asleep at 9:30pm and didn’t wake up until 1:45am…four hours and it was in your crib! Your dad and I almost couldn’t believe it. I do have to say, four hours of sleep made me feel like I could have conquered the world…well, at least the house work.

On March 31 you had your two month birthday. The time has flown by. As a way to celebrate and capture memories we had professional pictures taken. At first, you weren’t too excited. I completely understand…the bright lights, the temperature, the wardrobe changes…but soon you were comfortable and even fell asleep. Your pictures came out beautifully!

After pictures, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner.