Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 3 – September 9 ~ Elizabeth, What big teeth you have!

We had so much fun this week. Your dad and I went on a shopping spree and we purchased some new toys for you. They had lights, sounds, buttons to push, knobs to turn, and rings to stack. It was so much fun watching you learn and explore.

Well, I finally relaxed a little and let you try eating Cheerios. I am so happy I did. You loved reaching out and touching them. It was hard for you to grab them at first, but you soon were getting a few to your mouth. You couldn’t get enough of them…I think you must have eaten 20 or so the first time. You were getting so big!

It’s official, you have your first tooth! It just started to poke through, but I can say that one could definitely feel it. We were sitting and playing as usual, and you put my finger in your mouth, as usual, but instead of soft gums I felt something sharp. At first I thought you had put something in your mouth…but it was your tooth. I was very excited.

I guess I missed the memo about it being milestone week. No sooner than your tooth had come in that you started crawling…I mean really crawling. You had taken one or two “steps” recently, but not like this. You were up on all fours going where you wanted to go. It was amazing to see. You were climbing on this as well. I turned my head for a moment to fold some clothes only to find you climbing up on your bouncy chair. I realized very quickly that some of your older toys had to be retired.

August 27 – September 2 ~ ”But She’s so Pretty…”

This week we went to see your Great Grandma Mary. She was so happy to see you. It was really fun to see her face light up as she looked at you and reached out to you. As you were older, mobile, and smiling much more, she only had praises for you. Remember when I told you to take what she said with a grain of salt? Well, this is what she said to me while looking at you, “She doesn’t look anything like you…she’s so pretty!” You can put your fears aside, you are no longer the “Mean Hunchback.”

You also celebrated your first Labor Day weekend this week. We, and our friends the Sitterdings, went to Woods Canyon Lake on Saturday. It was nice to get out of the hot weather and relax in the mountains. Your dad went fishing with Weston and Brian. Rachael, you, and I rested and relaxed for the day. It was a lot of fun.

August 20 – August 26 ~ Whew, What at Week

It seemed as if our weeks were either very eventful or very restful…but never somewhere in between. This week was an eventful week.

Now that you were pulling up on things one thing was for certain, it was time to lower your crib. We didn’t want you to pull yourself up and then go up and over the side of the crib. We lowered your crib about nine inches. You didn’t seem to mind, but it did make putting you down a little trickier…especially while you were sleeping.

This week you had your first finger food: spaghetti. I wanted you to start learning how to feed yourself, but wasn’t quite comfortable with the idea of anything too hard, so spaghetti sounded perfect to me. It was so cute watch you squish it between your fingers, break it apart, and eventually eat it. You just loved it.

On Saturday, we had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. You walked along with Grandpa Chris. You were showing him how talented you were. You held onto his hands for support, but you walked and walked and walked. You were so cute. I do have to mention that you were wearing a dress that your Aunt Linda gave you…it was hard to believe that you were getting so big that you were fitting into your cousin Ramona’s old clothes.
This was a sweet moment with you and your dad before dinner....

August 13 – August 19 ~ Moving Around

Once again, we had a quiet week. However, we did have guests over…our playgroup! This h ad become a highlight for us. For you, it brought playmates, and for me, it brought adult interaction. This month, only two other babies came to our get together: Jayden and Ethan. You were the only girl. The three of you played very nicely together.

This week you began pulling yourself into a standing position. You pulled yourself up on anything you could. The cutest was when you pulled up on a package of paper towels. You were so determined and were quite happy with yourself once you succeeded. It was really neat to see.

August 6 – August 12 ~ Turkey in August

As we had a party at the end of the week, we stayed at home most of this week. We did run errands here and there for the party, but nothing more than that.

On Monday, we went to your 6 month well baby check up. I was excited to see how much you had grown in the two months from your last appointment. You were my petite little girl. You weighed 13 pounds 7 ounces. You were 24 ½ inches long! Dr. Gentile said you looked great. That made me really happy.

We did spend a lot of our time reading together. It was fun. You liked looking at the pictures, touching the pages, and trying to get the book into your mouth. We spent a lot of time reading Pat the Bunny. The book had different things to touch, smell, and look at on the pages. On one page was a mirror and I couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots…you were so cute.

On Saturday, we had our annual Turkey Dinner in summer party. We would invite our friends to a potluck style dinner. Your dad and I would make the turkey and stuffing, and our friends would bring a side dish. We always had a lot of fun. You, of course, looked adorable. You were wearing a brand new shirt with some cute jeans. Everyone thought you were just a doll!

July 30 – August 5 ~ A Little Independence

For the most part we stayed at home this week. After so many busy weeks, it was nice to relax.

On Tuesday, you turned 6 months old. Oh how quickly the time has gone by. The first few months seemed to go by a little more slowly, but the last few months have raced by. In the past 6 months you have learned to: smile, laugh, “talk”, roll over, sit up, and army crawl. It is hard to believe all the change that has happened in such a short amount of time.

This week you started playing on your own. Up to this point, you wanted me to be right beside you at all times. Even if you could still see me, you wanted me within an arms reach. However, this week you began to be content on your own for short periods of time. Although I never let you out of my sight, I was able to get some chores done around the home.

Sunday was a very special day. You went into the church nursery for the first time. It was a little traumatic…for both of us. I was called once during service because you wouldn’t stop fussing…but after a few minutes of holding you, you calmed down and were fine for the rest of the service.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

July 23 – July 29 ~ You’re on the Move

This week you figured out that you didn’t have to stay in one spot…that if you wanted something, you could go and get it. Up until this point, you rolled over and over if you wanted to get somewhere. Sometimes, you would be on your belly wanting to move, kicking out your limbs, but not move. Well all that changed this week.

This week you perfected your army crawl. It looked like you were swimming on the carpet. You would throw your hands out, pull yourself forward, and kick out with your feet. You seemed very happy that you were now mobile. Now I had to keep an extra close eye on you. You tried to get into everything. Your favorite thing to play with was the dog’s water bowl. You thought it was such a fun game to dump out their water. Speaking of dogs, now that you could go after them you were very happy.

On Saturday we went to Dylan’s first birthday party. It was a lot of fun. There were so many other babies to look at and play with. You were the cutes of course. Later on Saturday, we went to see your Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Sandy. While we were visiting them you rode your first horse…I mean dog. His name was Duke and he was such a sweet dog. At first you didn’t know what to think of him, but he was so gentle that you soon were just tugging on his ears.