Wednesday, September 12, 2007

August 6 – August 12 ~ Turkey in August

As we had a party at the end of the week, we stayed at home most of this week. We did run errands here and there for the party, but nothing more than that.

On Monday, we went to your 6 month well baby check up. I was excited to see how much you had grown in the two months from your last appointment. You were my petite little girl. You weighed 13 pounds 7 ounces. You were 24 ½ inches long! Dr. Gentile said you looked great. That made me really happy.

We did spend a lot of our time reading together. It was fun. You liked looking at the pictures, touching the pages, and trying to get the book into your mouth. We spent a lot of time reading Pat the Bunny. The book had different things to touch, smell, and look at on the pages. On one page was a mirror and I couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots…you were so cute.

On Saturday, we had our annual Turkey Dinner in summer party. We would invite our friends to a potluck style dinner. Your dad and I would make the turkey and stuffing, and our friends would bring a side dish. We always had a lot of fun. You, of course, looked adorable. You were wearing a brand new shirt with some cute jeans. Everyone thought you were just a doll!

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