Wednesday, September 12, 2007

August 20 – August 26 ~ Whew, What at Week

It seemed as if our weeks were either very eventful or very restful…but never somewhere in between. This week was an eventful week.

Now that you were pulling up on things one thing was for certain, it was time to lower your crib. We didn’t want you to pull yourself up and then go up and over the side of the crib. We lowered your crib about nine inches. You didn’t seem to mind, but it did make putting you down a little trickier…especially while you were sleeping.

This week you had your first finger food: spaghetti. I wanted you to start learning how to feed yourself, but wasn’t quite comfortable with the idea of anything too hard, so spaghetti sounded perfect to me. It was so cute watch you squish it between your fingers, break it apart, and eventually eat it. You just loved it.

On Saturday, we had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. You walked along with Grandpa Chris. You were showing him how talented you were. You held onto his hands for support, but you walked and walked and walked. You were so cute. I do have to mention that you were wearing a dress that your Aunt Linda gave you…it was hard to believe that you were getting so big that you were fitting into your cousin Ramona’s old clothes.
This was a sweet moment with you and your dad before dinner....

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