Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 3 – September 9 ~ Elizabeth, What big teeth you have!

We had so much fun this week. Your dad and I went on a shopping spree and we purchased some new toys for you. They had lights, sounds, buttons to push, knobs to turn, and rings to stack. It was so much fun watching you learn and explore.

Well, I finally relaxed a little and let you try eating Cheerios. I am so happy I did. You loved reaching out and touching them. It was hard for you to grab them at first, but you soon were getting a few to your mouth. You couldn’t get enough of them…I think you must have eaten 20 or so the first time. You were getting so big!

It’s official, you have your first tooth! It just started to poke through, but I can say that one could definitely feel it. We were sitting and playing as usual, and you put my finger in your mouth, as usual, but instead of soft gums I felt something sharp. At first I thought you had put something in your mouth…but it was your tooth. I was very excited.

I guess I missed the memo about it being milestone week. No sooner than your tooth had come in that you started crawling…I mean really crawling. You had taken one or two “steps” recently, but not like this. You were up on all fours going where you wanted to go. It was amazing to see. You were climbing on this as well. I turned my head for a moment to fold some clothes only to find you climbing up on your bouncy chair. I realized very quickly that some of your older toys had to be retired.

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